Arrival / Unserviced Dinners – (Min 4 Persons) - £18.00 per person
After a potentially tedious journey on a Friday afternoon, what could be better than arriving to find your fridge stocked with a delicious dinner for your party? All you have to do is slide the fabulous fare in to the oven and then unwind on the patio with a gin and tonic whilst the aroma of one of Sally's spectacular creations wafts from the kitchen. Being a kitchen goddess was never easier!
Unserviced dinners are available throughout your stay – not just on the first night. And of course, all of our lovely food works perfectly well for a leisurely lunch too.
Main Courses
Homemade beef lasagne with garlic bread and spinach and rocket salad
Homemade vegetable lasagne with garlic bread and spinach and rocket salad (v)
Cottage pie with homemade gravy and seasonable vegetables
Leek, ricotta and pea cannelloni(v)
Homemade Thai curry served with rice.
Seasonal fish pie with or without prawns and fresh vegetables
Mushroom and pine nut risotto with tossed green salad (v)
Chicken and leek pie with puff pastry topping served with new potatoes, salad or vegetables 
Salmon with herb crust and fresh vegetables
Homemade pink peppercorn pavlova with fresh fruits
Fresh Fruit Platter
Chocolate and walnut brownies with ice-cream
Lemon cheesecake with berries
Old fashioned rice pudding with a dusting of butter and nutmeg
Homemade Baileys bread and butter pudding
Cheeseboard with celery and grapes

Please make one selection for your group from each of the main and pudding sections above. One additional vegetarian option for all the vegetarians in your group can be selected in addition to the first selection. A Cheeseboard is always included.

Subject to recent legislation on food allergens, please make us aware so we may comply. Further information can be sent on request.
All prices are valid for catering provided in 2017. Prices for catering ordered in 2017 for 2018 may be subject to alteration.